Trucks / Buses

Using our services, both legal entities and private individuals all over Ukraine can benefit from the most favorable terms for purchasing on lease trucks and buses by local and international manufacturers. You can select from both new and used cars with a lease term directly depending on vehicle’s year of manufacture. As a rule, vehicle’s age with lease term included should not exceed 8 years, meaning that if you choose a 6 y.o. car, lease term won’t be longer than 2 years.

Final decision on lease parameters is made exclusively by the credit committees of lease companies in question separately for each customer based on the documents package provided and taking into account lease item’s characteristics and customer’s financial standing.




Basic leasing parameters:

Lease term - up to 5 years

Down payment - from 20%

Financing currency - UAH, USD (lease payments are recalculated with reference to an agreed FX rate)

Interest rate - from 11% in USD and from 20% in UAH

Decision-making time - from 24 hours

Some brands have special lease programs developed together with suppliers which may have down payments and interest rates significantly lower than those indicated above.