About a company

Marvin LC began its operations in 2013 to become the first ever lease broker in Ukraine.

In Europe, this business has been on an upswing for several decades and now there are hundreds of  lease brokers  that are united in professional associations. In Russia, the first lease brokers appeared 3 to 4 years ago and currently more and more firms take on this business as a reaction to an ever-growing  demand for leasing in the country.

Marvin LC LLC is the first company to officially position itself as a lease broker in Ukraine and lease brokerage is its main business activity.

Lease broker acts as an expert on a customer’s side, helping them to get their head around all the intricacies of a leasing process in order to make a weighed decision when choosing among multiple lease offers.

Lease broker’s main mission is that of increasing sales of vehicles using leasing schemes as well as reducing time required to conclude lease agreements between customers and lease companies.

For that to be achieved, we created a team of highly-skilled leasing professionals with an extensive experience working for lease companies, banks, and dealership centers selling and servicing wide range of vehicle types.

Our specialists are always there 24/7 to provide their customers with expert advice when preparing and concluding lease agreements for farming equipment, specialty vehicles, passenger and commercial vehicles.  We work with both private individuals and legal entities all across Ukraine.

Currently, we offer the following services:

  • Selecting a vehicle for lease based on technical and pricing parameters required by a customer;
  • Selecting a supplier of a lease item in order to ensure that a customer receives the most favorable purchase and maintenance conditions;
  • Defining optimum financial lease parameters that perfectly fit customer’s existing needs (down payment and residual value, interest rate, insurance conditions, seasonal schedule, decision-making time, etc.);
  • Choosing a lease company, whose terms and conditions will be closest to or completely in line with the lease parameters agreed with a customer;
  • Guiding customer through a process of preparing required documents package for a lease company, as well as agreeing on agreement’s terms and conditions;

All the above services are absolutely free for our customers, and it is only required to fill in a lease application form to start working with a lease broker.