Private Individuals

Marvin LC LLC is a lease broker, thus we are genuinely interested in expanding cooperation with everyone able to make valuable contribution to meeting the main goal of our company, that is, increasing vehicle sales volumes using leasing schemes.





We offer the following types of vehicle for lease:

- passenger and commercial vehicles;

- trucks and buses;

- farming equipment;

- specialty vehicles

We offer mutually beneficial cooperation  based on labor agreements for private individuals in every region of Ukraine.

Private individuals can become our partner by providing information on prospective customers that might be interested in purchasing vehicles (see types above) using financing schemes.

We can provide free of charge expert support to such customers on every stage of a deal process preceding signing of a lease agreement. If there is a lease agreement concluded with a customer referred by you, we will pay you a reward following the terms of your labor agreement.

For more information, please reach us at 044-455 7521 or e-mail to