Сustomer Benefits

Client receives a comprehensive support by lease broker’s specialist at every stage of a lease deal. This allows them to choose among the best lease options available on the market.
Cooperating with a leasing broker allows a customer to spent much less time searching for the best deal and signing a lease agreement since leasing broker’s specialists have an access to all the latest market information and are well-versed in the requirements and capabilities of the leasing companies, as well as automotive dealers.
All communications on every stage of a deal process are handled by lease broker’s specialists meaning a customer is able to cut their overheads (such as transportation, communication costs and more).
Lease broker does not charge a customer any fee for its services (all you have to do is just submit a lease application). All works done by a lease broker are paid for by lease companies and automotive dealers by funds allocated for the purposes of marketing and expanding distribution channels. This does not make lease contract any more costly for  a customer.